bookmaker bonuses

Take advantage of bookmaker bonuses

Taking advantage of bookmakers’ welcome bonuses is good, but be careful not just anyhow. Note that the majority of French bookmakers offer a fairly similar welcome bonus.

In general, they reimburse you as a free bet for the first bet (if it loses) within the limit of 100 euros. The bonus is paid out as a freebet (or free bet), so you have to put it back into play before you can cash it out. It’s not bad at all, but it’s not 100% sure bonuses.

Only some bookmakers stand out and offer even more attractive welcome bonuses.

If you want to bet on the best odds

bet on the best odds

Then Winamax is made for you since it offers the highest odds on average.

In addition Winamax doubles the equivalent of the amount of your first deposit in free bets up to 100 euros

This means that if you deposit €100 on Winamax, you will immediately receive €100 in Freebets in your Winamax account. The deposit must be played to be withdrawable. In total, if you deposit 100 euros you will therefore have 200€ to bet!

  Do you want to bet on the most complete bookmaker on the market? Then PMU sport is made for you

Especially since your first bet is refunded up to 100 euros

This bonus is paid in cash, so you can withdraw it immediately to your bank account if you wish.

It’s risk-free, so don’t hesitate!

As you can see, there are interesting bonuses to collect and which allow you to easily increase your bankroll. In addition, being registered with several bookmakers allows you to compare the odds between them in order to find the best one for your bet.

Another essential piece of advice for winning at sports betting: master your mind.

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