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Popular live casino games

Live Casino is almost only about different types of table games, and as always, blackjack and roulette are the kings. These are the two live casino games that are played by far the most. Poker is also popular to play live against a dealer, especially since more and more variants of that game are starting to appear.

Live roulette

Roulette hardly needs any further introduction, because you probably already know how to play both live and digitally. The difference with playing roulette live in a casino is that you see and can chat with the dealer, who spins the ball via a video link and distributes winnings.

The advantages of playing roulette are that you can determine your winning chances in a largely unlimited way. For example, you can bet on red or black several times in a row and in this way increase your winning chances to well over 90 percent, although of course you won’t win that much with such a sure winning chance.

Another advantage is that it is easy to play and understand, and of course it is incredibly exciting to watch the ball spin round after round before it finally decides whether you will win or not.

There are no direct disadvantages to roulette, unless you play the variant American roulette, where the casino’s advantage against you is over 5 percent. You can easily avoid this by only playing European roulette, preferably with the La Partage or En Prison rule.

There are several variations of live roulette. In addition to European and American roulette, where an extra double zero is found in the last-mentioned variant, it is possible to play with rules that allow you to win more if your winning number is struck by a virtual bolt of lightning in the game. This variant is called Lightning Roulette.

Pretty much all casinos that have a live casino section also have roulette in various forms. What separates a good live casino from a bad one is the possibility to choose between several different tables with the La Partage and En Prison rule, which is of extra benefit to you as a player if you bet on red or black, high or low etcetera .

Live blackjack

Live blackjack

You play live blackjack against a dealer, just like in a regular casino. As you probably know, you have to get as close to 21 as possible, and beat the dealer. You can play multiple hands and in some cases you can also make extra bets that give you chances to win different types of jackpots.

The advantage of blackjack is that it is actually the casino game where the house has the least advantage against you as a player. If you play optimally and make the right decisions in all situations, the casino has an advantage of some percentage. It is also a game in which you feel more involved, as you are constantly influencing the outcome by drawing a new card or staying.

The disadvantage of live blackjack is that if you do not play optimally, i.e. do not know whether it is best to stay or draw a new card in different situations, then the casino will have a big advantage against you, and then it will rarely be profitable to play blackjack. Make sure you have the blackjack table in front of you before you start. This is always just a google away.

There are often several different versions of live blackjack to choose from. Some games have side games where, by betting a small amount, you can take home jackpots if, for example, you get threes, or more than five cards that add up to 21.

Another important thing to keep in mind for those of you who like to try to count cards in blackjack is to choose a table with as few decks as possible, because then you get a greater advantage if you count cards.

If a casino has live casino on the menu, they also have blackjack, you can be absolutely sure of that. A good casino has several different types of blackjack games with different stakes and rules. Choose a casino with a large selection of live blackjack and try all the rooms to find a favorite.

Live baccarat

An outsider in the live casino rooms is baccarat, which is extremely popular in Asia, but is often overshadowed by blackjack and roulette in Swedish casinos. If you want to try something new, however, James Bond’s favorite game is often available in the country’s live online casinos.

The advantage of live baccarat is that the casino’s advantage is relatively low, and even if you don’t know the rules of the game, it’s really just a matter of guessing whether the player or the bank will win, which you do by coming closest to the sum of 9.

What some may think is a disadvantage of live baccarat is that it is a relatively static game, where there are no direct opportunities to influence the outcome. It can feel like betting on who will win, especially since you can bet on both the player and the bank as the winner.

It is not always obvious that it is possible to play live baccarat, just because a casino offers a live casino section. And if it is possible to play live baccarat, it is usually only available in one variant. However, you can choose how much or how little you want to bet during each hand.

Although baccarat is not the most popular live casino game in Sweden, there are surprisingly many casinos that have the game in their range. If a casino uses live casino games from NetEnt or Evolution Gaming then you can be pretty sure you will get some variations of baccarat as well.

Live poker

Live poker

Poker is a game that many people prefer to play live, because then you can see how the other players react in different situations and be able to read their body language. When it comes to live poker online, however, it is not possible to see the other players, because it is usually about playing poker against the casino.

As a live casino game, poker has many advantages. Just like in blackjack, you yourself are involved and influence the outcome with the decisions you can make. There are also lots of variants of poker, such as Caribbean Stud, Casino Hold Em and more.

The thing against playing live poker against the casino is that you don’t get any advantage against the house. If you play poker against other players, you can win in the long run if you play well, but in all poker variants that you play live against the casino, of course they have a small advantage against you every time.

As we have already mentioned, there are several different variants of playing live poker. One of the most common is Caribbean Stud Poker, where it is important to get a better hand than the dealer, although the dealer must have a qualified hand for the game to continue. Another variant that you will surely come across is Casino Hold Em and of course video poker.

Live poker is relatively common in the country’s live casinos, so check around and compare casinos before you decide which one you want to play at. Namely, it can differ significantly from casino to casino, because while some only have one or a couple of poker games, others have double-digit numbers.

Other live games

In addition to all the live games that we have mentioned above, you can come across some less common games that can be fun to try as a change. Live Dream Catcher at 888 Casino and Betsson is an example of a popular live game that is not roulette or blackjack.

Live Spin a Win and Sic-Bo, which is a form of dice game, you will find at Betfair, and Deal or No Deal and Monopoly Live are two interesting choices that Betsson and Unibet can offer. Unibet also has the Money Wheel and even a football studio that they broadcast live from.

Casinos that offer these types of games always have a good and varied live casino section. Variety is always good and it allows you to find a new favorite to play live. You can also find jackpots in games like Wheel of Fortune.

However, not everyone has this type of offer, so before you choose a casino, you can ask the customer service what different types of live casino games the casino has. Check which games are available in addition to the classic, well-known games.

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